Wounded Knee Museum Fire

On September 2, 2012 Wounded Knee the Museum sustained a fire destroying 80% of the structure and 100% of the exhibits and contents. We thank the Wall South Dakota Fire Department for their heroic efforts in putting the fire out.

We are grateful to all our visitors and supporters who have over the past 10 years provided inspiration in our mission. We remain resolved to rebuilding the museum so that the story can be told for years to come. With your continued blessings and inspiration we will succeed in the museums mission.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support.

We'd like to wish grateful Thank You's to Jacob Ireland, Julia Berry, Joe Baskin and Steve Wyant for helping in our initial clean-up and dismantling of the exhibits. This should continue on for several other days.

We would like to thank Golden West Communications for reconnecting our telephone equipment as it was damaged in the fire. We would like to thank Glenn at TLC Electric and West River Electric Company for providing temporary electric power to the fire that engulfed the museum the night of september 2nd.

Thank You's continue to Billy Swifthawk and Daryl No Heart for their council and volunteer efforts to aid in our recovery. We will try to keep our friends updated on our progress with the burdens that we need to overcome. And a big thank you to the visitors of the museum that were not aware of the fire and stopped by and their words of encouragement for the future.

If you would like to help with the rebuilding effort you may donate by contacting us at info@woundedkneemuseum.org or by going to our donation page by following this link (donation page includes photos and videos of the fire): http://blog.woundedkneemuseum.org/p/museum-fire-rebuilding-effort.html

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