Rollin' Thunder Ridin' the Rez Poker run

On Thursday Aug. 12 the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce will hold the "Rollin' Thunder Ridin' the Rez" Poker run.

Gathering of Nations

The Annual Gathering of Nations (North America’s biggest Pow Wow) will be held April 22-24 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Gathering of Nations is a Native American Indian 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1983 to promote Native American, American Indian (indigenous) culture & tradition, and dispel stereotypes created about Native American Indian and indigenous people. Every year they put on a Pow Wow which is a big celebration which includes the Indian Traders Market, contemporary and traditional music, and dance competitions. EVERYONE is welcome!

Please visit for more information.

Testing Podcasts

Podcast Audio Tour Coming Soon 2011!

Testing Podcast!

Testing Podcasts

Film Premiere Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary South Dakota

Imagine a Place, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary Sponsor Mustangs

March 10, 2010 - Hot Springs, South Dakota – PK Productions LLC in association with Institute of Range and the American Mustang presents the world film premiere of, "Imagine A Place, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary Sponsor Mustangs" a new documentary film by Christopher Crosby.

Linguists, Educators, Learn Lakota

Greetings From Lakota Summer Institute

June 7th-25th Ft. Yates, ND

Teachers and Friends of the Language-- Join us this summer at Fort Yates, ND for Sitting Bull College's 2010 Lakota Summer Institute - co-sponsored by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, SBC, and the Lakota Language Consortium.

Searching for Your Indian Ancestry

A very large number of citizens of the United States can claim a heritage which includes Native American ancestors. For many of us, this is a part of our background about which we do not know as much as we would like.

Program of Year of Unity Proclamation Ceremony


"Why a Year of Unity?" by Tim Giago

South Dakota Proclamation February 19, 2010

Why a Year of Unity?

Twenty years have passed since an editorial by Tim Giago challenged Gov. George Mickelson to proclaim a “Year of Reconciliation.” In order to commemorate that auspicious proclamation’s 20th anniversary, Giago, publisher of the Native Sun News

Powwow Etiquette

Powwows offer a great opportunity for the people of many nations to gather in celebration. Bold, bright, brilliantly colorful—these are occasions of social and spiritual significance to be shared by everyone.

Walela's Tribute to the Wounded Knee Massacre

Wounded Knee Memorial Motorcycle Run

Make Your Reservations NOW!

Lodging Accommodations

(WKMMRun Route)

Mandan/Bismarck, ND – approx. 40 miles north of Prairie Knights

Standing Rock

Prairie Knights Casino and Lodge                                    Prairie Knights Marina for camping
7932 Hwy 24                                                            7932 Hwy 24
Fort Yates North Dakota 58538                                    Fort Yates North Dakota 58538
Phone: 701-854-7777                                                Phone: 701-854-7777
Toll Free: 1-800-425-8277                                                Toll Free: 1-800-426-8277
Fax: 701-854-7786                                                            Fax: 701-854-7786
Email:                        Email:                                    Web Site:

Grand River Casino and Resort
P.O. Box 639
Mobridge South Dakota 57601
Phone: 605-845-7104
Toll Free: 1-800-475-3321
Fax: 605-845-3880

The Bay for camping and small cabins
Jct. Hwy 12 & 1806
Mobridge South Dakota 57601
Phone: 605-845-7106
Toll Free: 1-800-475-3321
Fax: 605-845-7105
Web Site:

Mobridge, SD

East Side Motel & Cabins                                                Mo Rest Motel

510 7th Ave. N.                                                            706 W. Grand Crossing

Mobridge, SD  57601                                                Mobridge, SD  57601

605-845-7867                                                            605-845-3668

Wrangler Motor Inn

820 W. Grand Crossing

Mobridge, SD  57601

605-845-3641 or 1-800-341-8000

Cheyenne River

Cheyenne River Motel                                                Harding Motel

P.O. Box 180                                                                        P.O. Box 1578

Hwy 212                                                                        N. Hwy 212

Eagle Butte, SD  57625                                                Eagle Butte, SD 57625

605-964-8888                                                            605-964-2448/2449

Faith, SD - approx. 42 miles west of Eagle Butte

Prairie Vista Inn                                                            Branding Iron Motel

Hwy 212                                                                        Hwy 212

P.O. Box 575                                                                        Faith, SD  57626

Faith, SD  57626                                                            605-967-2662


Pine Ridge

Prairie Wind Casino                                                             Blacktail Deer Creek B&B 

(between Oglala and Oelrich on Hwy 18)            (across from Prairie Wind Casino) 

605-867-2683 or 800-705-WIND                                    605-535-2162                          

Lakota Prairie Ranch Resort                                      Wakpamni B&B

(6 miles west of Kyle on BIA 2)                                      (east of the village of Pine Ridge

605-455-2555                                                            and 3 miles east of the jct of hwys. 18 & 391)                                                605-288-1800


Badlands Ranch Resort,                                                 Circle View Guest Ranch

(5 miles south of Interior on Hwy 44)                          (5 miles west of Interior on Hwy 44) 

877-433-5599                                                            605-433-5582                          

Crossroads Inn (Martin, SD)                                    Lakota Travel Lodge (Martin, SD)

605-685-1070 or 1-888-315-2378                                    605-685-6543

Nebraskaland Motel (Rushville, Nebraska)              Antlers Motel (Rushville, Nebraska) 

308-327-2487                                                            308-327-2929

Hacienda Motel (Gordon, Nebraska)                          Western Sands Motel (Gordon, Nebraska)

308-282-0075 or 303-282-1400                                    308-282-1795

JEFCO Inn (Gordon, Nebraska) 

308-282-2935 or 308-282-2395

YouTube Wounded Knee

This is from You Tube, movie about Wounded Knee