Museum Fire Demolition Effort Photos

Hello everyone and thank you for your support!

We have just posted some new museum demolition photos including pictures of the demolition crew and supervisors. Follow this link to our Facebook page to take a look at them!

If you would like to learn more about the fire and how you can help aid the demolition and rebuilding effort, please go to the fire fundraising page:

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Anonymous said...

I'm from europe---I spend only few dollars..because it my last money.But it is in full respect and memorial of the lakota people. The peacefull fight for there real motherland, against brutaly and unfair US goverment....a shame for all US people! It seems that they never learn from there they dammed ....again and again and again and make war with all native people all over the world..US people!!"..please wake up and learn from your past!!" Peace and Love for all native people all over the planet...i never give in!

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