Wounded Knee Museum will be reopening 2017

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After the fire in September 2012, The Wounded Knee Museum exhibits were reconstructed and displayed at a temporary location, but will be returning to their original location in Wall, South Dakota with an expected opening date of May 2017. We will be expanding our displays and exhibits. The Wounded Knee Museum opened in 2003 to share the events leading to the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. We appreciate your continued support, understanding and prayers during this transition of rebuilding.
We look forward to seeing you in 2017!

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Bill Luban. Vandalia, MI said...

Mr. Steve Wyant is a man with a mission to save the story of the Wounded Knee Massacre on that blustery day, December 28, 1890 by the reborn 7th Cavalry. It was a revenge, retribution for the Custer battle at The Little Bighorn River in Montana on June 25, 1876. Few people are aware that the two events are intimately connected. Mr. Wyant has worked with his own blood, sweat, and tears as he saw the result of the disastrous fire, then the loss of his lease in downtown Wall, and now is sweating to bring The Museum back to its former self, plus add more features. We ALL, White and Native American, owe Mr. Wyant a huge vote of thanks for his efforts! The story of the Wounded Knee Massacre WILL be told!

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